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Chronis uses his knowledge of Market Research and Email Marketing in order to connect companies or individuals with experts, influencers and opportunities!

LinkedIn is the #1 social platform for professional and business opportunities. In May 2017 it is reported that its total number of users are 500 million and it’s also gaining an average of 2 members per second.

Another interesting fact is that most members use it for the following topics: Marketing, Lead Generation, and Sales. This means that there’s a huge opportunity for LinkedIn users to expand their network, find potential clients and partners, and thus create more leads!

So, why don’t you use LinkedIn as a tool to expand your network?

It could be lack of knowledge on how to build your profile properly or you don’t know what to say to your new and existing connections or it’s just time consuming..

What if I told you that someone else can do that for you, and also schedule weekly (online and offline) meetings for you?

Check out what Chronis can do for you:

Chronis provides ‘outreach services’ to individuals and small companies who search for experts or professionals to collaborate or work with.

1. What will you achieve by working with Chronis?

  • Chronis will do research, connect, chat, engage and schedule meetings for you, so you can spend time on things that matter for your business.
  • Get a constant flow of meetings weekly, so you can focus on closing the deals
  • New connections that lead to clients, collaborations and a bigger network
  • All information indexed neatly in one place, so you can retrieve it instantly
  • Monthly reports and feedback for results-based approach and next steps

2. Why should you hire Chronis?

  • He has a vast experience in research and outreach in projects, small companies and individuals
  • You will get results and credible information, at a competitive cost
  • All of Chronis’s work is backed by research and human behaviour science, because Chronis is a professional Behavioural Economist

3. Which outreach platforms will we use?

  • E-mail approach
    • Sending ‘cold’ emails to prospects in order to engage them in a conversation and lead this conversation to a business meeting.
  • LinkedIn approach
    • LinkedIn profile optimization
    • Send LinkedIn invitations and messages in order to engage people to connect and start a conversation that leads to a business meeting.

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