Nudging for Kids


Nudging for Kids (NFK) was initiated by Niyati Mehta, a New York based Behavioral Designer and Digital Design Professor and mother of two.

NFK designs creative visual solutions and provides tips for parents, school and community towards positive child behavior and long lasting impressions.

NFK is sponsored by BVA Nudge Unit, the consulting branch of BVA, a Global Market Research company specialized in behavioral insights and strategies for public and private sectors.

NFK team & BVA are working together to create Nudges or gentle pushes, designed to help parents avoid negative interactions with their children when issues arise.

As a Nudge Researcher, Chronis believes that nudges, could have a positive behavioral impact on children’s lives, and also guide parents to adopt an alternative way of thinking!

He has the overall responsibility in finding various possibilities of the application and identification of nudges.

He is, also, responsible for the content management of the blog and the social networks.

For more about NFK visits


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